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Super Visa insurance for visitors to Alberta

Online Travel Insurance for Alberta Residents

Requirements to look for in a Super Visa Insurance:

  • One Year Validity

Super Visa medical insurance should be valid for one year starting on the first day that the visitor steps foot on Canadian soil.

  • Shields from medical expenses and repatriatio

The policy should be applicable not only to basic healthcare (e.g. colds and the regular flu), but also to hospitalization (e.g. should you need to be confined) and repatriation (i.e. if you will need to go back to your home country due to certain unavoidable circumstances).

  • $100,000 coverage or more

Super visa policy should also cover at least $100,000. Visitors to Canada are not covered with provincial subsidies.

  • Validity for every entry

The insurance policy should also be valid every time the visitor enters and stay in Canada.

  • Verifiability

The insurance company should also provide a document that can be verified by a port officer. This is to ensure that the visitor can avoid instances of refusal of entry.


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