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Know the Difference

Types of Travel Insurances

There are many different types of travel insurances, get the one that’s right for you.

Travel Health & Life Insurance

Covers emergency medical costs such as ambulance trips, hospitalization, emergency room fees and prescription medications. Protects you in the event you pass away while abroad and covers costs such as returning your remains to Canada.

Flight Trip Cancellation/ Interruption

Protects you in the event you must cancel a trip due to an emergency or unforeseen medical problem. Protects you when weather or other issues cause unexpected flight-related expenses, such as hotel costs.

Snowbird Travel Insurance

Special travel insurance for seniors that typically travel south for the winter.

Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance

Provides medical coverage to those visiting Canada from other countries while they’re here. Also provides medical coverage to international students studying in Canada.

Things to Remember

Travellers are responsible for the following:

To Provide Accurate Information

The travel insurance application needs to be completed accurately.

To Understand Your Policy

Take the time to read and understand your policy.

To Travel With Proof of Insurance

Have your policy number and emergency assistance contact information easily accessible.

To Notify Your Travel Insurance Provider

Provide prompt and timely communication when a claim situation arises and provide all requested documentation related to your claim including all relevant receipts.

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